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Yoga, meditation and temporary work

Meditating in full lotus for thirty minutes a day is one way to reduce stress. Another way might surprise you: Sign-on with a contract or temporary employment company.

Reem El-Khatib (Staffing Today, November) reports that a recent study shows that "permanent and temporary workers have similar quality of lifeā€”but temporary employees report lower levels of job-related stress."

Zogby Inernational that conducted the study, found that most lifestyle habits were fairly similar throughout the 3000 participants. But the level of job-related stress was actually lower for temporary workers. According to Zogby this is due to "greater flexibility and more control over their employment decisions."

One difference, however, was in the level of job-related stress each group reported. Temporary employees have less work-related stress because they have "greater flexibility and more control over their employment decisions," the study said.

This might seem surprising to people who haven't worked with a staffing company. But for many people the flexibility, options and greater control over your daily life are one of the main reasons they've chosen contract or temporary work.

Are you a blissed-out, stress-less staffing employees? Post your comments and tell us why you enjoy temporary work.

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